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Hook your viewers with XStream

XStream is a ready-to-go app for linear TV and VoD users, which helps to accelerate the go-to-market due to its quick, on demand setup. Our clients only have to select the modules and functionalities that best fit the requirements of their business model and customers' voilà!

  • Users can enjoy linear TV channels, catch-up and on-demand content, and much more.
  • The variety of devices on which it is deployed, allows you to have a fully portable experience.
  • The app will be on your hands at the speed of light, as time-to-market will be minimised.
  • XStream helps improve the NPS and reduces churn.
  • Remarkable reduction in costs and development time.


Friendly and relevant UX to engage your audience

  • Available in a wide range of devices and operating systems.
  • Responsive design and user-friendly interface.
  • Simplified navigation structure.
  • Meaningful selection of highlighted content on rails, banners or carousels.

Wide tech stack

Let´s start building your multiscreen experience